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Save For Later Tanktops, Sulfur Tanktop

WEBER by Katya Weber is an all-new American underwear brand created with style and passion. WEBER made classical styles luxurious. Yet, premium underwear doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why WEBER uses the best materials available on the market. 


WEBER proves, in the age of high-end technologies, you can still appreciate your core values by taking the best designs from the past and make them an inherent part of your future life. WEBER combines best fabric and modern creative design. The result is one of the best, softest garment made of real, eco-materials.


Pima cotton is a prized material that feels soft to the touch, yet it is very durable. If you don’t already own items made from pima cotton, you’ll want to. Pima cotton is much softer to the touch than many other types of cotton and textiles. It feels good against the skin. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin who may experience bad reactions when they use other, harsher materials. Pima cotton is also known for its absorbency. It can wick away moisture, including sweat and water, better than many other cottons.


Our new Sulphur series tank top from Weber by Katya Weber is made of pure Pima Cotton. Feel it yourself. You wouldn't find any other tank top as soft and natural as this one.


95% Pima Cotton,

5% Elastane

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